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"The pleasure of eating demands appetite, if not actual hunger; the pleasures of the table are

most often independent of either one or the other." - Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin 

Meet The Chef

Vincent’s love for food began in the early ‘80s while he intently watched his mother cook with great care. It was in that kitchen, where Italians socialized and nibbled for hours, that he made his first spaghetti carbonara at age ten.


As a teen, Vincent cooked at mom-and-pop and corporate restaurants in St. Louis before moving on to garde manger and witnessing the dos and don’ts of a classical French kitchen.


Directly after graduating high school in 1997, Vincent moved to Chicago where he juggled culinary school with work as Assistant Pastry Chef at Jean Banche protégé Chef Steve Chiappetti’s hip French-Italian bistros Grapes and Mango. It was a time of culinary exploration, and he indulged in delicious food from Wrigleyville to Chinatown for gastronomy’s sake. In Chicago, Vincent cooked his way from a Polish pierogi factory where no English was spoken, to an Irish pub where a cantankerous chef taught him about artisanal sausage production.


In 2006, Vincent returned to St. Louis to develop popular new menu items at upscale caterer Gourmet to Go. He then ventured to Los Angeles to land a Sous Chef spot at hip vegan restaurant, Cru, in Silverlake. After time spent as Executive Chef there, he endeavored to open a boutique catering company called Happening.


Next, Vincent’s journey led him to the old country in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, where he reaffirmed his notion that the best food was indeed rooted in the soul of families and grandmothers and not the egos of chefs. It was in Tuscany where he discovered his family has been restaurateurs since 1900.


In 2017, Vincent trained under Chef Gianpiero Ceppaglia at LA’s best Northern Italian restaurant, Angelini Osteria, learning techniques he would never forget or forsake. After that treasured time, he began creating three meals daily for tattooed diva Kat Von D.


In 2019, Vincent executed a kitchen overhaul at Fellow restaurant in Westwood, adding notes of Tuscany and Provence in the process.

Ultimately, the kind of food I find important is the kind that keeps people together longer. Food is sustenance; it’s what we do when we gather. And, whether it's Tuscan or Greek, the better it is, the more we enjoy our time at table.    -Vincent

"I love my meat and fish guys. I procure the finest proteins from them with the utmost confidence then pass that quality on to my customers. " -Vincent


Simple Elegance

A luxurious menu designed

for gourmands

Spring Tapas

A market-driven menu that

captures the season

Eclectic for Friends

A menu for the moments 

& the memories

Local Market-Driven Experiences

inspired by the bounty of sunny California & rooted in the traditions of grandmothers 

Tuscan & Ligurian


Catalan & Basque


Sichuan Chinese


current gastronomic focus by cuisine:

"His food is fantastic, the presentation and service impeccable!

Our guests still rave about our parties and the food in particular."

Valerie T., Monrovia

"One guest called his salmon 'transcendent' and while that's

colorful language, I can't say he was exaggerating."

Eileen D., Huntington Beach

"The presentation, attention to detail, quality of the ingredients, and

Vincent's friendly personality--willing to share pointers about what he was

serving--made it a truly memorable experience, one I will always cherish."

Eli M., Escondido


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