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  • Chef Vincent Michael

An Enthusiastic Staff is of the Essence

Esther as barista, James and Rebecca tending bar

Last weekend I provided Provencal and Tuscan-Ligurian food for a wedding in Monrovia. The clients were beyond pleasant, and they allowed me much time for serious thought about food rather than inundating me with details regarding other issues. I am a serious chef, and though I can take care of everything surrounding an event or even a restaurant setup, the couple opted to take care of rentals, which was awesome! In fact, this was ideal for the food. It also gave me a chance to bring the A+ game with service. The crew, led by my lovely wife Esther, were hand-picked for the evening and represented our style with gusto. Esther guided them with ease, and they executed tasks small and large with precision and attention until after clean-up wrapped. I cannot stress the importance of having such a team handling all your hard work. The feeling you will have afterwords, which is one that assures your food was presented as you intended, is one you will want to feel forever.